The Reverent Ring

November 9, 2023 – December 31, 2023

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Join us online and in the gallery for The Reverent Ring!

In 1999, while visiting Gerda Flöckinger CBE in London, we were introduced to a just published book titled The Ring, a lavishly illustrated survey of rings from antiquity to the present by Sylvie Lambert (Rotovision, 1999).

This book, with Lambert’s encouragement and support, became the impetus and inspiration for Mobilia Gallery’s exhibition,The Ring, presented in Cambridge. Massachusetts in February 2001, along with a traveling exhibition derived from it. The exhibition traveled to : The Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisconsin, The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CA and The Ruthin Craft Center, Wales. The result was an exhibition of 149 artists from all over the world, presenting 149 unique sensibilities, each with a different interpretation of the meaning of “a ring”.

Our passion for the significance of the ring has never subsided. We invited 50 artists to participate in our new, vibrant exhibition, The Reverent Ring. We invite you to explore each artist’s unique vision and interpretation, illuminating the power and beauty of the object of adornment.

Please click here to view the exhibition catalogue.