The Vessel Redefined: Contemporary Basketry

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The Vessel Redefined: Contemporary Basketry
August 2nd - 27th, 2011

Mobilia Gallery
358 Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138

Please join us for the opening reception to meet the artists at Mobilia Gallery on Saturday August 6th, 2011 from 2-4pm.

The National Basketry Organization conference in August 2011 is the impetus and inspiration for our “Vessel Redefined” exhibition at Mobilia Gallery. We are inviting internationally known masters in the field as well as emerging talents, all of whom work with a variety of different materials, to creatively explore the potential of the vessel/basket form.

Participating Artists:

Jeanette Ahlgren
Hanne Behrens
Lanny Bergner
Nancy Moore Bess
Jerry Bleem
Jane Chavez
Jill Nordfors Clark
Ann Coddington
Marcia Docter
Eileen Doughty
Carol Eckert
Emily Garfield
John Garrett
Lindsay Ketterer Gates
Mary Giles
Katherine Glover
Jan Hopkins
Christine Joy
Nancy Koenigsberg
Ed Bing Lee
Jennifer Falck Linssen
Jennifer Maestre
Donna Marder
Mary Merkel-Hess
John McQueen
Merrill Morrison
Judy Mulford
Lois Russell
JoAnne Russo
Amanda Salm
Elizabeth Whyte Schulze
Helen Shirk
Jack Da Silva
Marilyn Da Silva
Carol Stein
Polly Sutton
Brooke Marks Swanson
Noriko Takamiya
Andrea Uravitch



Opening Reception

Contact Mobilia Gallery for more information: or call 617-876-2109


Mobilia Gallery 358 Huron Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts 02138 Phone: 617-876-2109 Fax: 617-876-2110