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The Teapot Redefined: A Group Invitational
October 25th - November 15th, 2011

Mobilia Gallery
358 Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138

The teapot is an enduring symbol of hospitality throughout the world, and exploring the sculptural teapot form has been a source of inspiration for artisans throughout history. For The Teapot Redefined, we have invited a variety of artists working in diverse media such as paper, horsehair, metal, beads, ceramic and textiles to add their own unique interpretation of the teapot form.

List of Contributing Artists:

Kate Anderson
Beth Blankenship
Rebecca Brown-Thompson
Ann Coddington
Emily Dvorin
Yael Friedman
Emily Garfield
Louise Hill
Jan Huling
Anna King
Al Krueger
Kathlyn Leighton
Jennifer Maestre
Wendy Wallin Malinow
Donna Rhae Marder
Brooke Marks-Swanson
Leah Meleski
Ellen Moon
Merrill Morrison
Sylvie Rosenthal
Lois Russell
Amanda Salm
Leslie Sills
Teresa Sullivan
Andrea Uravitch
Mallory Weston



Opening Reception


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