Blue and White
Inspired by the MFA Boston's upcoming exhibition, "New Blue and White," Curated by Emily Zilber, Mobilia Gallery is featuring the work of two renowned ceramicists: Richard Shaw and Dorothy Feibleman. To view more details about the MFA exhibition opening on February 20th, click here.

Please join us on Saturday, February 16th from 3-5pm to view the work of two exceptional interpretations of blue and white.

Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw is considered a master of trompe l'oeil. Using his brilliant technical skills, Shaw casts common objects with meticulously placed overglaze transfer decals. His realistic and sometimes surrealistic sculptures capture everyday events, still lifes or narratives with poetic wit and whimsy.

Shaw is currently a professor of art at The University of California, Berkeley. He has received numerous honors and awards for his accomplishments, including: two National Endowment Grants, Honorary fellow of the American Craft Council, Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree, San Francisco Art Institute and Resident Artist at Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Park, Japan. Shaw was also honored to be a part of Manafacture National Sevres in Paris. Listed below are selected Museum Collections:

Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
Contemporary Arts Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
de Young Museum, San Francisco, California
Ichon World Ceramic Center, Ichon, Korea
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mint Museum of Craft & Design, Charlotte, North Carolina
Museum of Arts and Design, New York
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
Oakland Museum, Oakland, California
Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California
The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Yale University Art Museum, New Haven, Connecticut

Richard Shaw: Selected Images
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Dorothy Feibleman

"Dorothy Feibleman's spare porcelain forms-precise and finished to translucent, weightless perfection-elevate the art of pattern making to an extraordinary degree. In Feibleman's hands, the ancient Japanese technique of nerikomi-in which ceramic objects are decorated with patterns created by combining different, often differently colored, clays-has been reinvented through the introduction of ideas drawn from glassmaking, mosaic art, jewelry making and other disciplines. Obsessively ornamented, with patterns that multiply across their surfaces, Feibleman's most striking works are reminiscent of objects as diverse as blue-and-white Delftware, central Asian metalwork and printed Indian textiles" - Scott Norris

Dorothy Feibleman is a technical wizard constantly experimenting with her own laminated porcelain clay bodies that she has developed, creating ethereal, highly detailed forms. Feibleman has received numerous grants and awards for her accomplishments including: Guest artist at Jikken kobo, Inax, Tokoname, Japan; British Crafts in Japan sponsored by Crafts Council of G.B.; Seto Ceramic and Glass Center, Seto City, Japan; Japan Foundation Fellowship; Guest Artist at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural park, Shigaraki, Japan; Arts/Industry Program, Kohler Company, Kohler, Wisconsin; Porcelain Bowl Symposium, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary; Inax Design Prize, Tokoname; International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary; British Council Grants for travel, shipping & lectures: Finland, Japan, Turkey, Italy & India. Feibleman's Museum Collections Include:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
Buckinghamshire Country Museum, Aylesbury, England
Bankfield Museum, Halifax, England
The Ulster Museum, Belfast, N. Ireland
Stuttgart Museum, Germany
Harnburg State Museum, Germany
Darmstadt State Museum, Germany
International Ceramic Studio Museum, Kecskemet, Hungary
Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan
INAX Corporation, Tokoname, Japan
Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga, Kyushu, Japan
Tokoname City Museum, Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, U.S.A.
Indianapolis Museum of Art, U.S.A.
Evansville Museum, Indiana, U.S.A.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A.

Dorothy Feibleman: Selected Images
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