Mariko Kusumoto
August 1st, 2012 - September 29th, 2012

"Kusumoto's mixed-media work, by contrast, begins with intricate, tightly constructed units that are then opened to spill out their contents. In its own way, each work is a modified box that unfolds, layer by layer, to reveal its myriad components."

-Michael Mills, New Times Broward-Palm Beach

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My father is a Buddhist priest, and I grew up in a temple that was founded four hundred years ago. While living in the temple, I took the place for granted and didn’t think anything special of it. However, the more time that I spend living in the United States – with its diverse cultures and varied ethnic groups – the more conscious I become of my identity as a Japanese. As the yearning for my temple grows, I gain a greater sense of appreciation of it, as well as of Japanese culture in general. As time goes by, my memories become stronger and more vivid. This feeling is the inspiration of my artwork today; I’m sure that if I had not left Japan, I would not have these feelings today.

Since establishing life in America, I have begun to recognize national characteristics and cross-cultural differences between Japan and the United States. I have gained a clearer perception of Japanese society and the environment in which I was raised.

Click to view a stop-motion animation of 'Sideshow.'

Click to view a stop-motion animation of 'Bloomingdales.'


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