Kyoko Okubo: New Work

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Kyoko Okubo: New Work
October 25th - November 15th, 2011

Mobilia Gallery
358 Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138

As a child, Okubo had experience playing with washi, the traditional paper of Japan. Other than this exposure, she received no formal training as an artist. Okubo began fabricating these fascinating sculptures in her mid-twenties, and her motivation for their creation is deeply personal. She sculpts only female figures, because they are symbolic self-portraits. She elaborates that each sculpture she creates fills a feeling of emptiness inside her, and she forms an intense connection with all of her figures. Above all, with her tiny paper sculptures she strives to create something tranquil but strong, which she hopes will elicit a unique emotional reaction to all who view them.


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