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The New Textiles: Transformed

A group invitational, The New Textiles: Transformed will include works showcasing a variety of unique techniques and unlikely materials that mirror the look of textiles and explore the definition of what a textile truly is. This exhibition will transform the possibilities of textile art through textural forms and media. Textiles can spring from unlikely sources including paper, glass, metal, silicone and plastics. The New Textiles celebrates the bold sculptural forms of baskets, the graphic imagery of tapestries and all surfaces that are embellished both narrative and abstract.

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Erik and Martin Demaine
High Surf
Mi-Teintes watercolor paper
19" h x 9" w x 11" d

Polly Adams Sutton
Nebula (left) & Nebulosa (right)
Mud-dyed cedar bark, twined with wire, woven with dyed binder cane

Cheryl Wilson Smith
Dearg Airc 1, 2 & 3
Kiln cast glass frit

Seulgi Kwon
In the Rain 3, A Silent Night
Brooch. Silicone, pigment, thread, agate
7" h x 5.1" w x 1.9" d

Mary Merkel-Hess
Top: Three Suns: Reed, paper, acrylic paint - 6" h x 24" w
Bottom Left: Monolithic Red: Paper, paper cord, acrylic paint - 35" h x 22" w x 22" d
Bottom Right: Dark Tipped Blue: Paper, paper cord, acrylic paint - 28" h x 18" w x 18" d

Lanny Bergner
Nature Grid
Stainless steel mesh, vinyl, silicone, wire, steel bars
68" h x 45.5" w

Lesley Richmond
Leaf Textile
Devore, dyed, printed and stitched silk/rayon fabric
39" high x 32" wide

Lisa Kokin
31" h x 31" w

Lisa Kokin
Quercus Alba
Thread, pages from "How to Know the Birds", wire
54" h x 48" w x 13" d

Lisa Kokin
Paperback book covers, thread, mull, wire
62" h x 73" w

Emily Barletta
Untitled 118 (left) & Untitled 117 (right)
Thread, paper, paint
13.75" h x 12.25" w

Sophie Munns
Homage to the Blackbean Seedpod
Linen, embroidery, ink, paints

Tom Lundberg
Cotton, silk threads, linen
5.875" x 5.375"

Mariko Kusumoto
Necklace and Brooch
Polyester, sterling silver

Mary Giles
Shadow Quilt
Waxed linen, iron, acrylic paint
48" x 64" x 2"

Colette Fu
Dai food
Archival inkjet on paper pop-up book

Ellen Moon
Jacket, Hand dyed and crocheted cotton border, dye-painted and knit body, embroidered with hand dyed cotton thread

Andrea Uravitch
Left: Wall Walker - Wonderflex, welded steel armature, fiber, ribbon, clay, wire, paper. 11.5" long x 10.5" wide x 7" high
Right: Moth on a Leaf - Wonderflex, paper, welded steel armature, fiber, ribbon, clay, wire. Leaf: 23" long x 11" wide x 4.5" high, Moth: 11.5" long x 10.5" wide x 7" high

John McQueen
Bark over fiber board with bamboo rivets
16" x 19" x 13"

Jackie Abrams
Hexagonal Baskets
Painted cotton paper, waxed linen thread, hexagonal weave with interlacing

Sue Stone
A Tea Party in Tokyo
Mixed media, applique, hand and machine stitch, fabric paint
35" x 21.3"

Nora Fok
Golden Ribbon
Collar. Woven dyed nylon
19" diameter

Linda Dolack
Mallomars & other treats
Glass beads, box of Mallomars, other food items

Donna Marder
Jackson Pollock Mantilla, detail
Oversewn thread
22" x 52"

Joyce J. Scott
Peyote-stitched glass beads, mixed media, wire
14" x 12" x 12"

Deborah Putnoi
Totem 1 and Totem 3
Mixed media on wood. Totem 3 includes hidden drawers.
72" x 14" x 14" each

Merrill Morrison
Knotted C-Lon thread, glass beads
10.5" h x 5.25" w x 3.25" d

Mary Bero
Stepping Out
Acrylic on canvas, embroidered thread
9 7/8" x 12 7/8"

Yong Joo Kim
Transitions in Red
Hand-cut, hand-assembled Velcro hook-and-loop fastener

Liz Alpert Fay
Leaves are Green, Nuts are Brown
Wool, pearl cotton thread, hand stitched
28.5" x 30"
Stop by and take a seat on Vivian Beer's beautiful Bridge Bench, installed for exhibition outside of Mobilia Gallery just this month!

Bridge Bench
Stainless steel, pure pigment, ferrocement (concrete)
70" long

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