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Available Catalogs
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Tilleke Schwarz
New Potatoes
Soft cover
Published by Tilleke Schwarz
April 2012

Kyoko Hazama
From a Quiet Place
The Paper Sculptures of Kyoko Hazama
Soft cover, 26 pages, full color
Published by Mobilia Gallery

Kevin Coates: Hidden Alchemy
Kevin Coates

A Hidden Alchemy
Goldsmithing: Jewels and Table Pieces
Published by Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt

A first, sumptuous overview of Kevin Coates's stunningly independent oeuvre. Surveying not only jewelry and tableware the publication introduces his exquisite jewelry series ("The Birthday Jewels", The Mozart Jewels", "Fragments", "An Alphabet of Rings" and "A Notebook of Pins").

Introduction by Sir Roy Strong

Wendy Ramshaw CBE:Color Field
Wendy Ramshaw CBE

Color Field
(Exhibition Catalog)
Soft Cover
Published by Mobilia Gallery

Kevin Coates
A Notebook of Pins
(Exhibition Catalogue)
Soft Cover
48 Pages
Published by Mobilia Gallery

Mariko Kusumoto
Metal Box Sculptures
(Exhibition Catalogue)
Soft Cover
30 Pages
Published by Mobilia Gallery

Linda MacNeil
United in Beauty:
The Jewelry and Collections of Linda MacNeil
208 Pages
Published by Schiffer Publishing
October 2002

Dan Dailey (Author) and Allison Dailey (Illustrator)
Edited by Sandra E. Knudsen and Melissa Cain
32 Pages
Published by Toledo Museum of Art; First edition
October 2007

The Way of the Artist:
Reflections on Creativity and the
Life, Home, Art and Collections of Richard Marquis
M.D. Behrstock Barry
82 Pages
Published by California State University (Fullerton)
August 2007

Dan Dailey
By: William Warmus, Milton Glaser, Tina Oldknow
384 Pages
Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
March 2007

Hanne Behrens
Metal Tekstilt
(Exhibition Catalog)
Soft Cover
96 pages
Published by Museum Sonderjylland Tonder

Kevin Coates
An Alphabet of Rings
(Exhibition Catalog)
Soft Cover, Spiral Bound
17 Pages
Published by Mobilia Gallery

Kiff Slemmons
The Thought of Things

100% Proof

Dan Jocz
Uncommon Sense

Marilyn da Silva

Meditations in Metal
Korean Art Jewelry and Hollowware

Renie Breskin Adams
Inside Out

The Ring
The Art of the Ring

John McQueen and Margo Mensing