Kyoko Okubo

Kyoko Okubo: Narrative Paper Sculptures

"As a child I played with washi, the traditional paper of Japan. In my mid-twenties I started fabricating the small sculptures which are pictured below. Although my ideas are constantly being drawn, pieces are often stared without a sketch.

Beginning with constructed armatures filled with paper, sculptures are formed by layer washi to construct the figure. Handmade washi is available in many colors. My variety of colors is created by layering thin pieces of washi together.

I am inspired by animated cartoon characters from the Czech Republic. Their facial expressions never change but reveal a variety of emotions. Conveying tranquility and strength, traditional Japanese folk art dolls are another source of inspiration and comfort to me.

My work is very personal. Each piece fulfills a feeling of emptiness that is inside me. Making my work is a way of seeking peace. Human figures are always female forms because they are symbolic self-portraits. The animals that accompany the human figurs are symbols of generosity embracing all."

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